Immerse yourself in nature!

Visit this region is contact with the vast heritage of ancestors: the Via Romana, aka Geira, with the highest concentration of milestones epigrafados peninsular Northwest, and recognized as a National Heritage under the World Heritage nomination, is contact with ancestral traditions (granaries, rails of pastors, smugglers, of irrigation, mills, etc.). possible that, for centuries, the simple survival of a people, their land-loving and willing to give their lives for their country. You enjoy nature in all its fullness, as Miguel Torga wrote, where "everything combines to miss nothing of their greatness and perfection."

Albufeira de Vilarinho das Furnas

S?o Bento da Porta Aberta

Ruinas de Vilarinho das Furnas

Ponte Medieval dos Eix?es

Cascata do Arado

Capela Nossa Senhora do Livramento

Albufeira de Vilarinho das Furnas

Rio Homem

Cascata do Rio Homem

Bom Jesus das M?s